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Breakeven point and its importance in Companies

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Latin America under the lens of Gender Equality

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¿Por qué GIA?

Business Organisations

Las ONGs

... We trust the development of new strategies for sustainability and organizational development, to increase its impact, resources, build new skills, improve their management systems and establish strategic relationships with its stakeholders and environment.

The companies

... veen cómo pueden mejorar el desarrollo y clima organizacional; transferir conocimientos técnicos y recursos a las comunidades, además de facilitar la medición del impacto de sus estrategias de RSE y sustentabilidad, comunicación, incidencia e inversión social.

The governments

... Regional and / or local entrust us with the development of social impact assessments, mapping of good practices that improve transparency and transfer of skills and knowledge. We provide APPs that maximize the use of resources.
our Impact

our Impact

... We measure through innovative tools that our customers save resources, mobilize new funding opportunities and developing effective skills in the challenge of achieving Sustainable Organizational Development.